Lewd Tiffy Kiss-Cut (Limited Edition) - Cowfee Art
Lewd Tiffy Kiss-Cut (Limited Edition) - Cowfee Art
Lewd Tiffy Kiss-Cut (Limited Edition) - Cowfee Art
Lewd Tiffy Kiss-Cut (Limited Edition) - Cowfee Art

Lewd Tiffy Kiss-Cut (Limited Edition)

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Artwork By Cowfee//カウフィー

Tiffy @NottyTiffy, by Cowfee

Sticker measures approximately 3.5 x 5" tall 

Printed on high-quality outdoor use UV-resistant and weatherproof vinyl, satin laminate. 

General Sticker application rules apply but here’s how you apply them properly!

Clean the surface!

The cleaner you get it the better it’ll stick and make sure it’s dry if you used something wet.

Rub it, cutely or lewdly.

Just make sure that it’s stuck to the clear side (for kiss cuts) so that you can apply it where you want. Peeling it back somewhat perpendicular seems to work the best.

Apply it!

Take your time and line it up perfectly and move from one side to the other. Generally go from top to bottom especially for larger ones.

Rub something hard over it.

Get a straight edge and run it over, starting from the middle, pushing out any potential air bubbles. The less air bubbles, the stronger the stick.

Remove the transfer tape!

It does take some force so just pull directly down or up, slowly.

And you're done! You can rub her over once more just in case.

Other things to consider

Use common sense! Whilst they are rated for outdoor use, don’t place them anywhere there will be extreme temperatures, take care of your girls.

Don’t put them anywhere normal stickers wont go, that is on surfaces which aren’t flat and smooth.

Take care when cleaning the surface afterwards, sharp points and corners could get lifted accidentally.

Think of the stickers as decals rather than paper stickers that you’re familiar with!

The stickers are rated for outdoor use! 1-3 years under normal conditions for standard laminates.

What are ‘Kiss Cuts’, ‘Die Cuts’ and ‘Slaps’?

  • Kiss Cut comes on a rectangular sheet of backing paper with transfer tape over the cut out sticker (helps to line up when applying).
  • Die Cuts are the sticker in the shape of the design with the backing paper.
  • Slap is a just a rectangular design usually for car bumpers.

How long does it take for a preorder to ship?
A preorder will take around 2 weeks to be ship.

How long does shipping take?
Shipping will take anywhere between 1-3 weeks depending on where you are. These are coming from AUS so be wary of that, I’ve had various reports in different time frames to distance so that’s all I can say. We have had some rare instances of packages arriving 6 weeks later, if you have not received your package after 6 weeks, please contact us.

I didn’t receive my order!
Let me know if you didn’t receive it and I’ll see what I can do.

Will X design be re-released?
It depends, let me know though so I know there’s some interest in it.


Will you vector my image(s)?
No. We do not offer vectoring of images as a service. We aim to draw your Itasha at a high enough resolution for crisp prints. If you need it vectorised, there will be plenty of people who can help you with that.

Do you offer print/installation services?
No, we spend our time primarily drawing and designing for you to give you the highest quality art we can produce to meet your expectations. So print and installation will need to be done at a local shop in your area, look out for print, signage or car wrapping shops.

What is the process for getting an itasha design?
It varies from project-to-project, so please feel free to message us on social media (@cowfee_art) or send us an email (kaofimail@gmail.com)! We respond most quickly through Instagram. We’re always open for consultations and want to help you as best as we can.

When are your commissions open?
Commissions are open throughout the year but availibility is dependent on artist schedule. We put alot of time and effort into our artwork. Cowfee is a solo artist and will be doing them for you himself, so depending on spots available he will be able to get to your designs. Slots do tend to fill out quite fast, so make sure you get in before everyone else does!

How long does a commission take from start to finish?
This is dependent on the project and complexity (a single side vs. a full design, for example). Based on the complexity of the artwork it may take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks, but this varies depending on what your Itasha dreams are. From idea to finalised art, we are here to assist your process but as much we'd like, our artist only has 24 hours in a day just like you and me.


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