How To Apply

General Sticker application rules apply but here’s how you apply them properly!

Large Decal Application Instructions

Wet Application
(Messy but the safest method of application)

  1. Ensure surface is appropriately cleaned beforehand and weather is calm. Little wind if applying outdoors.
    Use isopropyl alcohol, alcohol wipes, or a detergent to remove any dirt and oils.
  2. Spray down surface with as much water as possible.
  3. Remove decal backing paper and apply as gently as possible from center outwards.
    Make sure to position it how you want at this stage.
  4. “Tack” centre of decal down firmly and hold with one hand, press down firmly using a card or Squeegee at an angle and work from center out in an arc. Work slowly and remove as much water as possible taking care not to trap any bubbles.
    Work in halves and in arcs outwards
  5. Recommended to leave on application tape as the decal adheres for a few hours before removal. Remove from largest decal area to thinnest, avoid removing directly towards thin areas.


Dry Application
(Clean but hardest method of application)

  1. Same as Wet Application
  2. Remove and trim half of backing paper
  3. Take your time and line it up, tack from trimmed half of backing paper.
  4. Same as Wet Application
  5. Application tape can be removed instantly

Other things to consider

Use common sense! Whilst they are rated for outdoor use, don’t place them anywhere there will be extreme temperatures, take care of your girls.

Don’t put them anywhere normal stickers won't go, that is on surfaces which aren’t flat and smooth.

Take care when cleaning the surface afterwards, sharp points and corners could get lifted accidentally.